South Land Adventure

When there’s a long weekend you could stay home and get all the house work done that you’ve been meaning to do for weeks or you can go away. Obviously we chose the latter.

Trent and Cliff Wall with waterfalls
Milford Sounds

We packed our necessities, Monkey Shoulder Whiskey (haven’t tried it, then try it!), sleeping bags, a tent and a buttload of blankets. We drove down to Christchurch and stayed the night there on Friday then made the rest of the journey on Saturday morning to Queenstown and the following day we would drive to Milford Sounds.

We love Queenstown, and it was surprising to us that it was full of people and tourists! We were under the impression the Snow Season was the busiest time of year for Queenstown, shows how much we know. We stayed at the Lakeview Holiday Park in our trusty tent that we still question whether or not it is waterproof.

Off we headed into the town to drink and eat, coincidentally two of our favourite things to do (no judgement), began the night at a cosy rooftop bar that had great bartenders but terrible music which might explain why were the only twenty-somethings there, then toddled off to the Casino and onwards to the Pig ‘n’ Whistle. It was then time for the all important Flame Bar and Grill dinner date, (note to readers, if you’ve never been book a couple of days in advance or you’ll be eating at 9pm like we did). Trent ordered his usual, 4 different types of meats/animals..sorry vegans and Aimee ordered the usual well-done eye fillet steak, much to the waiters disgust.

After a night of too much whiskey, jager bombs and tequila shots we ventured off to Milford Sounds. I’ll let the photos show you all how amazing this place actually is. We decided that we have never felt so small before, the mountains, hills and waterfalls made you feel like a measly little speck of existence and we also decided that their is about a 50/50 chance dinosaurs still exist in Milford Sounds. After a night of card games, whiskey, vodka and home-brew honey whiskey, we headed home. Who doesn’t love to drive 14 hours in one day, I mean we drove from one end of the Island to the other and shit I believe jetlag is a real thing even if you don’t fly across time-zones.

Well we got rear-ended on the way home, by our fellow travel companions, but upon discovering everyone was okay, isn’t it both the good and bad experiences that make a road trip so damn fun?

We hope you enjoy our photos and our first little travel story..

Any questions, send us a message!

See you next time, Trent & Aimee

Orange Trees and Aimee
Lake Tekapo


Trent Jumping
Lake Hawea


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