What The Goat?

To all those who thought they’d stumbled upon a post dedicated to goats, we apologise. This is one of our goats, his name is Kramer we also have his brother Winston. They’re adorable, annoying and just absolute peaches to be around, but there is one thing they don’t understand, the English Language, and you know what? Neither the hell do we.

So while sitting here scrolling through blogs I see the word ‘Travelers’ (yeah with one L – hey panic attack nice to meet you). Did that person just write travelers with one L just to spite me? Just to make me freak out and think I’d spelt our blog name wrong? To make me think I’d just paid for a domain name that was spelt WRONG!?


Where do we all go for life’s answers? Google. However, as usual this provides me with about as much help and insight as staring our 1 year old boxer puppy in the face and asking her the correct spelling. I have a headache now, so after googling my symptoms and causes of my headache I come to the uncomfortable conclusion I have some kind of tumour and I revert back to my original search “how do you spell travelers?”.

The conclusion. UK and US English. However we live in New Zealand so is there New Zealand English? Australian English? Which one do I use? Surely if we all just used the same type of English, the fact that an ‘S’ would replace a ‘Z’ in certain words isn’t going to cause the economy to collapse.

So if any of you are thinking ‘wow these people can’t spell travellers’, WE CAN! We’re just using UK English.

Everyone has those select words that they struggle with no matter how many times they write them, right? What are yours? Let us know! Let’s all just be thankful we aren’t Chinese, I hear they have hundreds of different dialects and versions of the EXACT same word.

No. Thank. You.

T & A x



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