Well that was an epic fail

Today’s the day. Yep, today IS the day. Well it was the day.

We set out with a mission today, to go to a cafe, put our feet up, enjoy a long black (Trent drinks mochas, he has a moustache and he is tough ok) and book flights for our American journey coming up. We were even so organised that we remembered to bring our passports, convinced we were going to find the perfect cheap flights!

Auckland to Los Angeles return, started at $1100, we were pretty devastated at the price but then began thinking what the heck lets just get it over and done with. 

But then.

We get a text message. “Please call ASB bank as soon as possible”. Fiddlesticks.

Looks like some buttchugger is swanning around trying to spend $740 using Trent’s debit card at Pow Massage in god knows where, buying God knows what type of massage?! Luckily the bank has picked up on it, cancelled the transaction and cancelled Trent’s card. Now we just have my card. And where is my card you ask? Well of course I left it at home -duh. 40 minute drive back home, so we begin our drive back when the phone rings again. AND GUESS WHAT. Old mate is having a spending spree using my debit card now $1400 (obviously some very expensive special massages from Pow Massage) so now my debit card is cancelled as well. 


In all seriousness, well done to ASB bank for being onto it, but no debit cards means no booking flights. So basically we just sit here, twiddling our thumbs, dreaming of what could have been and now have to wait 5-7 business days to book flights, just to let flights go up just a little bit more but we will get there!

Thanks a lot pow massage, you stupid bag of dicks. 

Trent & Aimee 



  • Grrrrr. But unless you have a set path in the US, consider AirNewZealand flights from Aukland to Houston, TX (IAH). That route is new, the planes have lots of seats, and (unfortunately) Texas is hot as hell in the summertime. BUT if you want to wander, it is probably as good as LA as a starting place.

    Good travels–


  • sorry about the debit card fraud but the person must be all kinds of talented/stupid. hitting both your cards within minutes! maybe the prices will be lower when the new cards come ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Oh no! So sorry to hear this. It sounds like youยดve had one of those days where everything just goes wrong. Good thing the bank caught it early on though ๐Ÿ™‚


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