What Not To Do

Lovely people, we have just arrived in Bangkok, Thailand and we have compiled a small list of our chaotic 24 hours prior to flying out of Auckland, basically this is just a list of what not to do.

One day we will learn how to adult, until then enjoy laughing at us.

1. Thou shalt never leave thou passport. Or wallet or entire bag behind at the airport. Yeah after 3 years of Trent laughing at me about that ONE time I left my wallet on the counter of a Tesco in London and him vowing to never leave his valuables in my possession, the uncomfortable yet stylish shoe was on the other foot…(finally Aimee says smirking). Left Auckland airport as we had about 8 hours to kill before our next flight, only to arrive at the car hire place for Trent to attempt to remove his backpack, only to realise…where’s my bag?!?!” HEART STOPS. “I LEFT IT AT THE AIRPORT” and with that he’s off on a hasty 1km sprint to retrieve his bag, phone, wallet licence and passport. Me, being the typical woman ran through all the possibilities of what was happening;

  • “Un-identified bag at Auckland Airport, yep that’s it we will be on the no fly list for leaving unattended luggage behind, goodbye travel plans and life.”
  • “Sick one we can’t even fly back home because he won’t have a drivers licence or any I.d so looks like we will be starting a new life in Auckland and living in a shopping trolley…”
  • “What if someone steals his identity?!”
  • “Please please please don’t go on a shopping spree using our bank card, we just got a new one”

15 minutes later a very exhausted Trent returns with his bag. THANK EVERY GOD IN THE WORLD. 

2. Customs. The sentence no one wants to hear. “I need proof that you’re leaving Bangkok or I cannot allow you on this flight”.  Apparently being from a visa exempt country, spending less than 30 days, and flying out from Vietnam isn’t sufficient enough for NZ airline staff. I mean IF we were planning on taking off to Bangkok to start a new life would we really bother booking a return flight from Vietnam? Probably not so give us a break woman. 

No break was given by the aforementioned woman.

So now we begin the frantic flight/train/bus search to get this woman proof we are leaving. Ofcourse when you’re panicking that you may miss you international flight you make ridiculous choices, like buying stupidly expensive plane tickets when you know once you’re in Bangkok you could probably get a bus for 1/8 of the price. But heck we were desperate.

3. Pillow forts are out of bounds on planes. We found that out the hard way after being yelled at by a flight attendant for creating a luxurious mid air snuggle fortress on the floor using blankets and pillows.

Anyway that’s what’s happened 48 hours into our journey, learn from the above children.

Trent & Aimee x



  • I admit, I did laugh. One, because I definitely did the same WHERE IS MY BAG!? in Myanmar. Luckily I was only outside getting a taxi. Two, I can only imagine the flight attendant and pillow fort incident, which sounds heavenly actually. Awesome post!


    • Hahaha the shear horror that runs through you when you think you’ve lost your bag or phone is one we are all too familiar with! Thanks for reading 🙂


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