Why We Hated Phi Phi Island

Hate is a pretty strong word, and it’s not so much that we ‘hated’ the actual island, we just hated our experience. The views are incredible, and ofcourse it’s worth a visit if you are heading to Thailand and if you don’t go because of this post, we will personally drag you there ourselves. 

We’ll sum everything up in the best way possible, because then we won’t get lost and caught up in a 6000 word essay that puts you all to sleep. 

Having serious culture withdrawals. Yeah so it seems that Phi Phi Island has been reborn into some strange mix between the bogan Gold Coast and is filled with the cast of Geordie Shore wannabes. We flocked off the ferry, ushered along like good little children, paid our 20 baht rubbish fee and this tiny island is just packed to the brim with tourists. It seems tourists are good at ruining a good thing, expecting countries to adapt to OUR needs rather than going to a country or remote island to fit in and live a different life than one we would at home. It seems people literally cannot survive without their phones and the comforts of their home (understandable to a degree but come on people). The locals just didn’t seem happy, rarely smiling and I suppose this is due to the fact that Phi Phi is very money orientated now – all about ripping off the tourists and not about genuine Thai culture that we know and love.

 Our Resort. You know when you’re on holiday and you chuck one of those “yolo” moments and 9 times out of 10 they back fire in your face and you waste a whole lot of cash monies. Yep, our experience was not the exception. We splurged and booked 2 nights accomodation in a private bungalow at Phi Phi The Beach Resort, mainly because their booking.com photos looked epic. Upon arrival and after the initial excitement wore off we realised we’d be lied to, cheated and had. This place was all types of feral. We’re struggling to think of a way to sum this place up without boring you all to death with dribble. Basically the ‘superior bungalow’ was filthy, mould everywhere in the bathroom, suspicious brown stains on the bed sheet, accompanying the weird brown stains on the toilet seat, not too mention a thousand mosquitos in the room just waiting for fresh meat to arrive (this happened because the doors don’t shut properly – hullo luxury). The resort grounds were horrendous to say the least, there was 2 pools the size of a queen bed one was green with algae and mould and the other was just…just no. To top this whole situation off, as a cherry would top a sundae, I was almost pick-pocketed on resort grounds by one of the builders they had there, luckily I saw him stalking another couple and knew something suspicious was going on and then he began stalking me (little white girl = easy target) I felt a tug on my backpack and swung it to the front of me and he hastily jogged off and reconvened with his mate hiding in the bushes. Needless to say we checked in at 5pm and checked out at 10am the next day. Asking for a refund we were told “we can’t refund because you paid by card, if you’d paid cash then we could refund”. What a crock of crap. To save the argument we forgot the money because we just wanted to get the hell off this island. 

The food. Thai food is amazing and whilst we stayed clear of street food we managed to visit some decent Thai restaurants in Phuket and Bangkok and we’re very familiar with Thai food and we like it burn your face off hot. Phi phi had mainly western retaurants and a handful of lacklustre “Thai” restaurants. I used my trusty trip advisor and about 99% of restaurants induced violent food poisoning to its guests in the past 2-3 months. No-thank-you-sir. We opted for 2 minute noodles and a Mars bar. Don’t even get me started at the state of the hotel restaurant. You can see feral cats in the kitchen – best to avoid. We will do a special shout out to Mango Garden, they make an incredibly mango and sticky rice.

WE DONT WANT TO GO DIVING BUGGER OFF! Gosh it’s like walking through a gauntlet of annoying telephone sales people that just won’t leave you alone. Sure they seem polite enough, but it’s literally just a con because all they want is your money and to rip you off. We saw our own fishies when we went swimming and I shall now introduce you to the highlight of Phi Phi Island, this is Trevor he followed us swimming for about 1-2 hours so we named him and yes we miss him already. 

Basically, Phi Phi Island is not what it used to be and we would not recommending spending a night on the island, do a day trip, that way you can see the beauty but don’t have to put up with the unoriginal shenanigans of the island.
Sorry Phi Phi, hopefully we do not meet again.

Trent & Aimee x



  • Sorry to hear your experience… but you just born some years to late 🙂 I was there in 1998 and I can guaranty you, it was a paradise on earth! Only a very few resorts, so most of tourists have to go away at the end of the day. The sea and the beaches were at your disposal with only a few boats coming and go. At the same period I went to Koh Chang and there was only 2 shabby resorts with no roads we could call a road. I was said last year from a friend to whom I described my experience that the paradise I described to him is no more. If these two places have changed so that much in just 18 years, what will be in 100 years!!!! 😦 😦


    • Yes yes I can imagine that plenty of destinations were better years ago before man and tourism made such an impact! I went many years ago when I was younger before the tsunamis and when I returned it was nothing like I remembered. It’s just sad 😦

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  • Hey there! I am planning to visit Thailand very soon and Phi phi island is actually one to-go-to on my list. Well, I still going to visit it but only for a day maybe, as what you have said. These information are red flags when you are to visit the place. Thank you. 🙂


    • Yes yes you definitely still need to visit! Just do your research, because there are some other islands and places in Phuket that are a million times better! Good luck with your trip and let us know what you think of Phi Phi! 🙂

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      • Yeah definitely. I had visited Phi Phi with family ages ago and sadly it just isn’t what it used to be. Yes we did, and our favourite place was Kata Beach (about 15-20 mins from the crazy Patong Beach) – best place to hire a scooter as the roads aren’t as crazy as other places and there are some beautiful beaches a short drive away. Have you looked into doing a day trip? They take you on a speedboat to 3 different islands and will probably end up costing you less than what a few days at Phi Phi would, plus you’ll see some much more amazing things. 🙂

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